Linux ?: A Reference

A personal reference and reminder to my interactions with Linux, Fedora, Web Services, and etc. I will keep this post updated and possibly will be useful to others.

Linux Fedora

VirtualBox Guest Additions


sudo dnf update kernel-*
sudo dnf install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms make bzip2 perl libxcrypt-compat
KERN_DIR=/usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`-`uname -m`/build
export KERN_DIR
cd /run/media/daniel/VBox_GAs_6.0.8
sudo ./

Text editor Sublime Text 3

I like sublime text as a text editor. I used notepad++ quite a bit when working on Windows, however I like that sublime text is available on Windows/Unix/Mac. No matter where I am working in the future, I do not have to learn a new text editor.


sudo rpm -v --import
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo dnf install sublime-text

Install package control by pasting installation code into console. Open console with (ctrl+`).

Web hosting from home

I have been paying for professional web hosting for over a decade while hosting personal websites. I have been paying 34¢/day for this. Recently I have signed up for AT&T Gigapower 1Gbp internet service at home. Which promises 945Mbps/945Mbps. I have measured only 650Mbps/850Mbps which is still sufficient and have opted to try some web hosting from home.

I have started hosting on a Raspberry Pi Model B which so far surprisingly seems sufficient. I have been interested in trying the Banana Pi M3, board and if I get one, I can follow up with performance improvements.


Google entered the domain name services market. I joined the Beta, and transfered my domains. The interface is very clean and it’s free. I am able to host multiple domains, configure A records and CNAME entries into the DNS. Create sub-domains and my ASUS RT-AC68R router has native built in support for Dynamic DNS to Google.

  • @: root domain
  • A: address record
  • CNAME: canonical name (alias)
Name Type TTL Data
@ A 4h
www CNAME 4h


I use gitlab for Git source control because its open source and free. You can even use gitlab to host pages when you have a static site generator.


I have tried a couple static site generators lately. Jekyll, Hexo, and Hugo. This website is running Hugo, and it is by far my favorite. It has a built in “server –watch” feature which host the site during development, monitors the files, and reloads the web page whenever a file is saved. Hugo also does not have so many disjointed components and dependancies. It is written in the Go language, which is invisible to me so far, as I write almost everything here in markdown.

Install: Download Hugo for Linux 64bit

cd ~/Downloads
tar xvzf hugo_0.20.6_Linux-64bit.tar.gz
sudo ln -s ~/Downloads/hugo /usr/bin/hugo


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