Technical Library

I have various books for hobbyist and professional references. I chopped some of the titles. They are catagorized, however often books live in more than one realm.

Electronics Edition Author Year Media
The Art of Electonics third Horowitz/Hill 2015 phys.
Switch-Mode Power Supplies second Basso 2014 phys.
Practical Electronics for Inventors third Scherz/Monk 2013 phys.
RF Circuit Design second Bowick 2008 phys.
Engineering Circuit Analysis seventh Hayt/Kemmerly/Durbin 2007 phys.
Electric Circuits fourth Nahvi/Edminister 2003 phys.
Microelectronic Circuits fifth Sedra/Smith 2003 phys.
Basic Circuit Analysis second O’Malley 1992 phys.
Communications, Signals and DSP Edition Author Year Media
Fourier Analysis & Spectral Estimation first Langton/Levin 2017 phys.
An Introduction to Signal Processing and FFT first McGee 2010 phys.
Digital Communications second Sklar 2000 phys.
DSP Principles;Algoritms and Applicatoins third Proakis/Manolakis 1996 phys.
Signals and Linear Systems third Gabel/Roberts 1987 phys.
Digital Signal Processing first Oppenheim/Schafer 1975 phys.
Digital Design Edition Author Year Media
The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors fourth Triebel/Singh 2003 phys.
Digital Design third Mano 2002 phys.
Analysis and Design of digital Systems with VHDL first Dewey 1997 phys.
Mechanical and Electrical Devices Edition Author Year Media
Introduction to Semiconductor Devices first Neamen 2006 phys.
Engineering Design Graphics first Earle 2001 phys.
Microelectronic Devices first Yang 1988 phys.
Programming and Scripting Edition Author Year Media
Programming Perl fourth Christiansen/Foy/Wall 2012 phys.
Learning Perl sixth Schwartz/Foy/Phoenix 2011 phys.
C++ Programming second Malik 2004 phys.
Programming and Customizing
PICmicro Microcontrollers
second Predko 2002 phys.
Fundamentals of C++ first Lambert/Nance 1998 phys.
Fundamentals of Program Design first Lambert/Naps 1998 phys.
Other Topics Edition Author Year Media
Global Navigation Satellite Systems third Grewal/Andrews/Bartone 2013 digi.
Kalman Filtering third Grewal/Andrews 2008 phys.
Modern Control Systems eleventh Dorf/Bishop 2008 phys.
Electric Machinery Fundamentals fourth Chapman 2005 phys.
Engineering Economic Analysis ninth Newman/Eschenbach/Lavelle 2004 phys.
Robotics first Fu/Gonzalez/Lee 1987 phys.
Math Edition Author Year Media
Advanced Engineering Mathematics ninth Kreyszig 2006 phys.
Early Transcendentals Calculus fifth Stewart 2003 phys.
Single and Multivariable Calculus third Hughes-Hallett/Gleason/McCallum 2002 phys.
Probability, Random Variables
and Random Signal Principles
fourth Peebles 2001 phys.
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra second Goode 2000 phys.
Physics Edition Author Year Media
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics fifth Ulaby 2006 phys.
Fundamentals of Physics Vol 1 seventh Halliday/Resnick/Walker 2005 phys
Fundamentals of Physics Vol 2 seventh Halliday/Resnick/Walker 2005 phys
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