Lab Space

My home electronics lab is dedicated in an extra bedroom of my home. I have various equipment for hobbyist work at home.



Fluke 87V DMM
Proam 602-270 DMM
Rigol DS1102E Oscilloscope, two channel, 100 MHz bandwidth
Flir E8 Infrared camera
EEVBlog uCurrent Gold Current to voltage conversion for accurate current measurement

Power Supplies and Power Transformers

HP 3610A DC Power Supply, Dual Range
ELC T-3000 Step up/down transformer, 3000W
“Generic” TDGC-2KM Variac autotransformer

Inspection, Soldering and Rework

AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Microscope, 3.5-90x
Weller WESD51 Digital soldering station
“Generic” 858D Hotair rework station